The Septic Project


Well, we had a small swamp in the back yard this spring. After further investigation, we found that it was caused by a spetic pipe that had burst.

So, we hired a escavation company to come out and fix the problem.

Three days and $4500 later, we have a new system installed and won't have to do this again in our lifetime!

August 26th - Just starting out. Digging up the old drain pipe to locate junction.

When they were digging up the pipe, they found a set of cables running underground. We have no idea what these went to, but they will be removed later during the dig.

They have found the main junction for the sewer pipe, and are starting to dig down to the new location for the septic drain field.

Ran into some rather large boulders! They got them lifted out of the ditch and are starting on the drain field. (By the way, the strange cable was still going down where they are in this picture).

August 29th - The new drain field is just about complete.

The new drain field is all in and all parts are layed in the ground. The inspector will be out today to certify everything.

Passed Inspection! They are filling in the work site.

All done! Other than about 10 boulders that they had to remove from the ground, all went very smoothly. We kept the boulders and hope to use them in the yard for decoration.